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29/07/2024 - 08/09/2024
Laura Conant
Laura Conant is a Brussels based DJ and producer, as well as a designer and developer. Keen on creating her own tools through coding and programming, her personal practice situates itself at the crossroads between gender theory, technology and sound. She's part of the Brussels based music label and event series MONTAGE and one of LYL Brussels' radio managers. In her role as a promoter, she is dedicated to fostering a more inclusive scene. With MONTAGE and LYL, she pushes for more diversified line-ups and thinks about ways to make electronic music events more accessible. Since 2018 she has been a part of the research group Bye Bye Binary, a collective of designers and performers dedicated to exploring gender-fluid typography. Their work is centered around the concepts of inclusive and non-binary communication within the French language. Laura researches how to navigate the field of electronic music as an artist from the FLINTA* community. She seeks tools that can empower individuals in a field still mainly dominated by cis-gendered males. She strongly believes that alternative tools can enable us to break away from the dominant narrative.
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