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15/04/2009 - 20:30
Larry Polansky
Larry Polansky (New York, 1954) is a composer, musicologist, practicing musician, lecturer at Dartmouth College in Hanover (New Hampshire, USA) and co-founder of the composer’s collective “Frog Peak Music.” With Phil Burk and David Rosenboom he developed the widespread computer programming language HMSL for experimental musical composition and live performance. His solo CD’s are issued by Artifact (The Theory of Impossible Melody, Simple Harmonic Motion, Change), Pogus, Cold Blue (Four Voice Canons) and New World Records (Lonesome Road). His book on composer Ruth Crawford (The Music of American Folk Song) is published by Rochester University Press. Larry Polansky often performs as a practicing musician with Christian Wolff, Frederic Rzewski, Nick Didkovsky…
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