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29/05/2016 - 05/06/2016
03/06/2016 - 19:00
Izabela Smelczyńska
Izabela Smelczyńska (1989) is an artist and musicologist based in Warsaw. She is editor of Glissando magazine about contemporary music. She participated in a residency program at AIR Laboratory in Warsaw, Hai Art in Hailuoto in Finland (2015) and CTM Festival in Berlin (2016). Her projects focuses on field recordings, DIY electro-acoustic instruments, performances, researches and workshops. She is interested in copyright in music and in sound art, which resulted in the publication of "Outside the register. Talking about music and copyright." She was participant of the ETC Group, a research and artistic group that concentrates on neo-avant garde, experimental music and intermedia art. She focuses on gender issues in electronic music. At current she is working on the "Sound Terror” project.
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