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08/06/2016 - 09/06/2016
Geert Vermeire
Geert Vermeire, curator, writer  and artist with a backgorund in musicology and  performance  arts.  His  artistic practice  is focused  on  mixed  reality  in  performative contexts,  with  the  use  of  sound  and  text, departing  from  social  practices  and  the ethical  involvement  of  cultural  action. Since  2010   part   of   noTours,  exploring augmented aurality  within  an international collective   of   developers   and   sound  artists. Since 2016 involved  as  well  in SonicPlanet™,  with  composer   Sinan Bokesoy, creating augmented aurality  3D audio scenes. Founding member of the Milena principle, an international platform and  lab  based  on  the  concept  of consilience.
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