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14/11/2016 - 11/12/2016
Francesca Saraullo
Francesca Saraullo comes from a long career of dance, choreography and video arts. She is involved in international projects as author and performer. After her studies, she began her own personal artistic research. It combines dance, performative installation and video, with a focus on the language of the body. By concentrating on conscious movement and by the use of imagination, Francesca seeks to break through the limits of gravity, reaching into the open space around her. Her choreography is enriched by other artistic means such as video, sound and visual art. In her dance together with her plastic creativity, Francesca Saraullo seeks for purity of the gesture and the essentiality of a presence between real and virtual. In search of new forms, she observes the world, the human beings and the spaces between the things with curiosity and a pinch of madness.
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