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01/08/2009 - 13/09/2009
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Felicia Atkinson

Félicia Atkinson currently resides in Brussels, Belgium. She's got an english name because of her grand grand father but she was a lonely child raised by her polish mom and her parisian father in an appartment surrounded by books. When she was a kid, she learned a lot of weird things for her age, many of them she had forgotten now, such as chinese, sword, baratanatyam, tibetan, harp, dance or theatre. This education made her creative and playfull. The work of Felicia Atkinson is inspired by two ways of thinking: the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy of the unfinished, and the lo-fi folk in music. Imperfections, raw materials, rock culture are the materials of her body of work which includes performance, writing, music, drawing, photograph....The main theme that follows her is the perspective of the poetry of small things in which are hided the deep questions of existance: the missing, the death, the desire, the unspeakable. How to play with important thoughts through game, rhymes and songs. She plays in a sound project called Roman Anglais with Sylvain Chauveau and have released an album "Roman Anglais" on O Rosa Records in 2008. Felicia is also involved in two other bands, Stretchandrelax with her best friend Elise (doing a sexy reductionism with catch helmets and bird noises) and Louisville, a rock band inspired by trees and strange places. She had played and showed her work in many places such as La Foundation Cartier Pour l'art Contemporain (Paris), The Empty Bottle (Chicago), The Knitting Factory (New York) ...
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