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21/09/2016 - 20:00 - free + 20:30 - 6€
Eric Wong
Born 1981 in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Hong Kong, a guitarist and computer musician. Although he has taken some lessons at younger age, he is pretty much an autodidact. He focuses on free improvisation, with the endeavor to explore new sounds with his instruments. Currently based Berlin, he has performed in Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Macau, USA, China, Poland, Switzerland, and Czech Republic. Besides solo, other projects he has been involved include D.N.A.N.D.N.A. with Simon Rose, icra with Mira Falk, Se Noh Te with Eunice Martins, rock duo Meta Fog with Sascia Pellegrini patchworking pop culture montage, musical collective Stoic Strangers with Wilson Tsang plus other Hong Kong based musicians, Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra, as well as working with many other artists across the globe.
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