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03/03/2013 - 20:30
David Ryan

David Ryan is a visual artist, musician and writer based in London, who is actively involved in painting, contemporary music and video. He is currently Reader in Fine Art at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, and received his PhD by publication based on his extensive writing on art and music. He has written regularly for Art Monthly, Contemporary, and Art Papers USA. His publications include Hybrids, Tate publishing; Talking Painting, Routledge (interviews include Mary Heilmann, David Reed, Bernard Frize and Jessica Stockholder), and La peinture est Presque abstraite, Analogues Press, Arles, France. Exhibitions include the Whitechapel Open, British Abstract Painting, Flowers (London and Los Angeles); Flux, London Bridge, Viewfinder, Seoul, Korea, and Crossing Abstraction at the Kunstraum Bethianen, Berlin. Screenings of video works ‘Knots and Fields’ (with Andrew Chesher, 2010) and via di San Teodoro (2010-11) have taking place in Stockholm, Rome, Berlin, Seoul and in May 2012 Moscow.
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