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07/08/2016 - 21/08/2016
David Birchall
David Birchall is a guitarist and sound explorer living in Manchester and one of the key figures in the city’s currently very rich and active free improvisation and noise scenes. (He was one of the musicians interviewed in the Wire magazines May 2016 feature on the Manchester Improv scene). He is a highly original guitarist whose highly visceral approach to the instrument combines remarkable musical sensitivity and appalling physical violence. He performs regularly with many Manchester based improvisors including Sam Andreae, Andrew Cheetham, Otto Willberg, Greta Buitkute, THF Drenching, London based Colin Webster and Amsterdam native Rogier Smal. One-offs and random stage/studio collaborations have also seen him working with such luminary figures as Marshall Allen, Rhys Chatham, Phil Minton and Mark Sanders. He has performed in the UK, Europe, Russia and USA and has been commissioned to give workshops and projects for Madlab, Brighter Sounds, Bury and Manchester Libraries, Manchester NHS, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the Tour de France and the National Media Museum.
Hannah Ellul
Louise Vind Nielsen - Akkumulator
Marius Tarakdjioglou - Stone Waiting Hall

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