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19/10/2008 - 24/10/2008
06/10/2008 - 25/10/2008
13/04/2009 - 15/04/2009
25/10/2009 - 16:00
19/10/2009 - 25/10/2009
Christina Clar

Christina Clar is a sound and video artist born in Austria in 1974 and currently based in Brussels. She studied fine art in Paris (École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts) and London (Slade School of Fine Art) and attended courses at IRCAM (Institute for music/acoustic research and coordination). Her work settles and moves constantly in between performance, events, installations, urban interventions and computer-extended applications. She is building spaces with sound and image, using architecture, physical intervention, poetry and media, blurring the limits between the mind-projected spaces and those 'real-existing' ones. These spaces appear in different forms: unfolding in an existing environment as a performance or installation, creating an autonomous structure like a stage design, unsubstantial like sound pieces or animations, immediate and ephemeral like an experience in walks or workshops.Her works include 'Turning Dreams and Shifting Harbors', a multichannel sound installation at the LA International biennal, 'Being hear', a walking at Bains::connective in Brussels (a walking & listening experience through the building of Bains, an experiment on altering sound and space perception through simultaneous listening and moving), 'SKIN', a temporary and superficial occupation of a transient architecture together with architect Nataska Roublov, 'An Architecture for the Museum for Evolving Art', a think tank-room with objects and sound in Kassel and 'In situ', a photographic investigation on displaced art objects of her Austrian hometown.Collaboration is an essential ingredient to her work. She joined in with Peter Sellars on contemporary opera productions for the Salzburg festival, with TNC-Network at Ars Electronica Festival, composers Nicolas Frize (F) and Mark Grey (USA), with Canadian director Robert Lepage, with musicians Bernard Lubat, Pascal Contet (both F) and Nikos Veliotis (G), with artists Yves Chaudouët (F) and Marcos Lutyens (USA), dancers Ula Sickle (CAN) and Antonella Cusimano (I) and Chilenian architect Roberto Benavente.
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