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13/02/2022 - 17h (doors 16h30) - free
Céline Gillain
Céline Gillain is an artist living in Brussels whose work explores the meeting points between different fields of art and music such as performance, storytelling, computer-aided composition, club music, deconstructing the codes and hierarchies that govern them. Exposing the ever growing precarity of the artist, her work questions the mechanisms by which people and ideas are transformed into commodities. After a debut single on Brussels mutant pop 7-inch imprint Lexi Disques, her debut LP ‘Bad Woman’ was released on Drama, a sub-label of Antinote Records. Céline has performed at Café Oto Dalston, MACBA in Barcelona, Lafayette Anticipations in Paris and has worked on numerous radio shows, podcasts and videos. She is a professor at the ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels where she teaches Sociology of art and Experimental music.
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