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29/10/2016 - 02/11/2016
01/11/2016 - 20:30 - 5€
Ben Vida
Ben Vida lives and works in New York.  In the mid-1990s he co-founded the group Town and Country and has since worked as a solo artist with releases on such labels as PAN, Alku, Shelter Press, Future Audio Graphics and Kranky. Recent exhibitions include [Smile on.] . . . [Pause.] . . . [Smile off.], Lisa Cooley, New York (2016); Slipping Control (West), 356 Mission, Los Angeles, California (2015). His work has been presented extensively throughout N. America, Japan, Australia and Europe at such institutions as the Guggenheim, New York; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Institute of Contemporary Art, London; Audio Visual Arts, New York; Leap Gallery, Berlin; The Artist’s Institute, New York; the Sydney Opera House; Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna; Cricoteka Museum, Kraków, Poland and the Royal Festival Hall, London. 
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