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Annette Krebs
Annette Krebs studied music and concert guitar in Frankfurt/ Main, and lives and works in Berlin as a freelanced musician- as improviser, composer and soundartist.She is exploring the aesthetics and tention between tone and noise, action and silence, and the possibilitys of a dramaturgic very free and abstract music.Since 2003, she is intensifying her research in mixing tones, noises, fieldrecordings and spoken language as musical materials. In her pieces, all used sound materials are composed in an equal, abstract way. Like in an acoustic collage, fragments of language are integrated as musical materials together with tonal and rhythmical abstract instrumental sounds, noises and silence.She was as well working in solo pieces and compositions, as collaborating with musicians and artists in musical and interdiziplinary projects, as with: Steffi Weismann, Robin Hayward, Andrea Neumann, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Rhodri Davies, Toshimaru Nakamura, Taku Unami, Taku Sugimoto, Sachiko M, and many others.She was participating in many concerts and festivals, among others: "Donaueschinger Musiktage",Germany; "Vancouver New Music" and "Musique Actuelle", Canada; "What is Music", Australia; "Exposition of New Music", Czech Republik; "Musique Action", France; "LMC" ,London; “no idea festival”, Texas; "Dublin Electronic Arts Festival DEAF", Dublin; "Nous Sons", Barcelona, "Festival International de Música Contemporánea de Alicante", Spain.She has released Cds on several labels, like: Charhizma(Vienna/Berlin), Fringes(Italy), Another Timbre( UK), Soseditions (NY), Grob (Cologne), CDR-X(self releases), Potlatch (Paris), „Improvised music from Japan“, a.o.Her music was presented and reviewed in different medias, a.o.: "Nutida Music" (Stockholm), "His Voice" (Czech Republik), "Positionen"(Germany), „The Wire“ (UK), „Deutschlandradio“, „Deutschlandfunk“, „WDR 3“ (Radio, Germany)
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