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10/10/2015 - 20:00
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Anneke Kampman
Anneke Kampman is a singer, electronic composer and sound designer currently based in Glasgow (Scotland). She has performed extensively with electronic pop duo Conquering Animal Sound, however her solo musical practice is now her primary focus. Since their formation CAS released two albums and an EP; the Scottish Album of the Year shortlisted Kammerspiel (Gizeh 2011), On Floating Bodies (Chemikal Underground 2012) and Talking Shapes (Chemikal Underground 2014) and performed extensively across the UK and internationally Within her solo musical work (as ANAKANAK) Anneke makes electronic music by exploring her voice as an object: aiming to explore its poetic, gestural, political and structural potentials. She is interested in how technology can be used as a form of extended vocal technique, aiming to expand the sonic possibilities of the voice in order to disrupt traditional representations of the female voice. Although the voice is her primary instrument, Anneke also works with other sonic tools including, synthesizers, harp, percussion, and found sounds.
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