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Oscillation performances
25/04/2019 - 05/05/2019

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Engels.


Oscillation opening
→ THURSDAY 25/4, 18h at Q-O2
Exhibition opening, book launch, and sonic interventions by ooooo & Lucie Vítková.


Oscillation on waves
Concerts by Enrico Malatesta, Doron Sadja, Tomoko Sauvage, and Mark Fell.


Oscillation shifted meaning
Concerts by Peter Ablinger, Lucy Railton & Youness Knoukhou, Andrea Neumann, Jennifer Walshe.


Oscillation dara dara
→ SUNDAY 28/4, 14h-18h at LA SENNE / In the framework of Art Brussels
Durational performance with Rie Nakajima, Aki Onda, Akio Suzuki & David Toop.


Oscillation Torse
→ MONDAY 29/4, 20h at ARGOS
Film screening TORSE (Maryanne Amacher, Charles Atlas, Merce Cunningham).
Preceded by a talk by Bill Dietz, followed by conversation between Bill Dietz and Lars Kwakkenbos.


Oscillation at Decoratelier
Concert with music by Eliane Radigue:
Occam XXVII (percussion: Enrico Malatesta)
Adnos I-II-III (diffusion: Emmanuel Holterbach)



Oscillation in situ
→ WEDNESDAY 1/5, 11h-22h at Q-O2
Several actions throughout the day in the canal area and at Q-O2 by Isabelle Stragliati, Thierry Madiot, Oracle, Paulo Dantas, and Anna Raimondo.
• 11h Isabelle Stragliati: Meditation/Sound/City: a soundwalk
• 14h—18h Thierry Madiot with Yanik Miossec: Sound Massage
• 18h25 Oracle: Reading the Zone
• 19h30 Paulo Dantas: Conversations
• 21.30h Anna Raimondo: Derrière la mer


Oscillation light and colour
→ THURSDAY 2/5, 20h at Cinema Nova
Concerts by Manuel Lima, Michael Vorfeld, Mariska De Groot, alternating with short films by Luke Fowler. Pretalk with Luke Fowler and Guillaume Maupin.


Oscillation sound and poetry
→ FRIDAY 3/5, 20h at LE LAC
Concerts by Paulo Dantas, Anne-Laure Pigache & Jérôme Noetinger, Marc Matter, Guillaume Maupin.


Oscillation on resonance
→ SATURDAY 4/5, 20h at Church St. Jean Baptist
Concerts by Adam Asnan, Sofia Jernberg, Rebecca Glover, and John Butcher.


Oscillation inbetween
→ SUNDAY 5/5, 14h-17h at LA FONDERIE
Pperformances by Franziska Windisch, Els Viaene, Jonathan Frigeri, and Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima.



The festival was realized in the framework of the Interfaces project, and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, and co-produced by RITCS school of art.

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In collaboration with:

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