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Second Sundays#2
11/02/2018 - 17:00

In 2018, Q-O2 initiates a new monthly series of listening sessions by invited guests. Each session a new guest is invited to share an insight into their own listening, playing and speaking about a selection of sound and music that is important to their thinking or practice. The series takes place on the second Sunday of every month, in a relaxed atmosphere. Each session is paired with a cocktail-of-the-month, as decided by the invited guest.


For the second session, on February 11, Caroline Profanter proposes a listening session dedicated to a series of fixed-media pieces composed for 8 loudspeakers, ranging from the 1960’s till today. The octophonic diffusion sets the listener into an imaginary spatial environment. This tradition in acousmatic music includes a limited number of pieces of known and unknown composers that are rarely heard in public moments. However, space is a primary compositional parameter and a central feature for the listener. A detailed program will follow soon. Cocktail of the month: Mai Tai


Doors: 16:30 / Introduction & concert: 17:00

Fantôms Orchestra 10/12/17
Felicity Mangan Buzz pollination 02/11/17
Junk & the Beast @ Smog 20/10/17

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