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12/02/2018 - 25/02/2018


The project aimed at developing a long durational performance by using percussion instruments, playback devices and place’ affordances with the goal to improve an ecological approach to the musical process and to the usability of tools; the continuous interpenetration between the sonic activity of different contexts, the performer’s action and the instability of the media is conceived as the starting point for the configuration of a sound performance, placed between electro​-acoustic music and object+site specific sound intervention. The project is focused on the relation between live action, fixed sounds and the space in its ongoing becoming. It shows how the aural experience and the perception of the events, of the medias and of the behaviours (of the tools as well as of the performer) can be vulnerable and in continuous transition, according to the evolution of listening conditions.

Rudimenti is also thought as an open​ workshop; the project is conceived with the aim to extend the acoustic potential of the relation between space and tool. It is the outcome of the interest to pursuit the wide possibilities opened by the encounter between sound materials, lived environment, architectures and the direct involvement of different communities of people. For its “participatory” nature, ​Rudimenti can be develop spontaneous didactic activities through workshops specifically shaped on the context. The purpose is far from declare a concluded artistic discourse, rather it proposes a method and shares some skills useful to exploring and composing a collectively dialogue through materials and sounds.

Fantôms Orchestra 10/12/17
Felicity Mangan Buzz pollination 02/11/17
Junk & the Beast @ Smog 20/10/17

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