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Oscillation at Brasserie Atlas
26/04/2019 - 20:00

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Concert on waves by Enrico Malatesta, Doron Sadja, Tomoko Sauvage, Mark Fell.


• Enrico Malatesta


This is an open project, aimed at broadening the Enrico Malatesta’s personal research on percussion instruments and their surfaces, intended as habitable spaces able to receive the vitality of what surrounds them, to adapt and react. Rudimenti comprises multiple trajectories of research: from writing texts to the realization of scores/instructions for percussion ensembles, to the formalization of listening exercises, to the development of polyrhythms meant as the production of manifold information produced by relationships between movement, space and sound. During the festival Rudimenti will be presented in two different forms: a solo concert for acoustic percussion instruments and a workshop on the relation between the body and the vitality of surfaces.


  Doron Sadja

Hello From The Other Other Side (Other Other Side)

This work is the latest in a series exploring sonic phenomena and their perceptual effects. In this piece, Doron Sadja examines the idea of a sonic afterimage (or after-sound) in which a sound continues beyond its physical lifespan. Perhaps it remains for a brief moment in our auditory memory space. Perhaps it shifts and transforms into a new sonic territory completely. Or perhaps it doesn’t exist at all.


• Tomoko Sauvage

Musique Hydromantique

Over the past decade, Tomoko Sauvage has been working on a “natural synthesiser” of her own invention: waterbowls that combine water, ceramics and hydrophones (underwater microphones). Porcelain bowls, water drops, waves and bubbles as well as hydrophonic feedback and electronics are the main ingredients of her instrument, which generates sculptural and fluid timbres. Her musical experimentation is grounded in a live-performance-based practice that investigates improvisation and interaction with the environment – the acoustic space as it is affected by architecture, temperature, humidity and human presence. Through primordial elements augmented by technology and enlivened by ritualistic yet playful gestures, Sauvage’s work contemplates, tunes and connects with both the material and the immaterial in maintaining a fragile balance between chance and control.

Supported by La Pommerie/CRAFT (Limousin, France) and Aquarian Audio (USA)


  Mark Fell


Fell presents the eighty-fifth version of Multistability(2010) – an ongoing series of microtemporal works, initiated in 2010 with an inaugural release on Raster-Noton. This collection of works shifted the emphasis of Fell’s practice from his earlier explorations of house music’s aesthetic vocabulary (circa 1998) to his later radical deconstructions of its rhythmic foundations, and forms a bridge to his more recent work with acoustic performers and explorations of non-European musical practices. For the pieces presented here, Fell uses a series of overly simplistic algorithmic approaches to pattern generation, which result in complex and dynamically evolving timing systems. 


In collaboration with:

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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