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Aernoudt Jacobs: ‘Phantom Melodies’
12/02/2007 - 05/03/2007

Arnaud Jacobs (*1968 in Wilrijk; Belgium; lives and works in Brussels) studied architecture. After his studies it did not take long, however, before he chose sound. Today he has released sound works under several aliases: MarkMancha, missfit, tmrx. From 2004, under the name Aernoudt Jacobs, he has focused on installations and performances. His work has been exhibited internationally and he has released two albums on critically acclaimed labels as Staalplaat (NL) and Selektion (D).

Generally Jacobs sets out from a fascination for sound, in any form. This explains how he takes his raw material from reality: with a microphone and recorder as field recordings. His works are the result of a research of the different aspects of field recordings and how to assimilate this material to new forms, new contexts. For him the actual resulting field recordings are only a registration. The act, the memory, the context of the recording are even more interesting and complementary motives for his research. The output of his work hovers as some kind of an interaction between micro and macro, inside and outside, fieldwork and studio, reality and fictionalization. In his installation work he investigates mostly correlations between sound, matter, space/location, perception and psychoacoustics. Perception is an important aspect in his work.

Perceiving music, sound, harmonies is an activity that is always linked to memories. This association is an ongoing preoccupation that is visible in most of his work. With the aid of psychoacoustic theories, he explores how perception can be influenced and how to express sound physically, spatially and emotionally.


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