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JD Zazie – Memory Loss


carapax #01

burp publications MMXX


JD Zazie: mixer, cd players, turntable, hard disk electromagnetic sounds, corrupted audio data and field recordings


Composed, recorded and mixed by JD Zazie
at Q-02 – Bruxelles, AIR – Krems and Phonopolis Studio – Berlin.
Mastered by Robert Curgenven
Produced by JD Zazie, Roberta WJM Andreucci and Mat Pogo

Carapax #01 (CX01) – Burp Publications – MMXX


The album is available in downloadable digital format and cd:



Laurent Guedel 10/7/20
Tucuxi (Mika Oki & Irwin Barbé) 12/3/20
Future Perfect (Julia Dyck & Amanda Harvey) 4/3/20

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