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Sound and Participation
26/02/2018 - 03/03/2018

This two day conference aims to present and unpack the shapes and possibilities of participatory sound art and music practices today. As an inherently relational phenomenon, sound has a privileged set of possibilities within so-called social practice. In or outside of musical structures, sound vibrates against the distinction between producer and consumer, between spaces of reception and spaces of action, between abstract and applied art. It exists in the necessarily public space between us.

By acting in such a way, sound and music open themselves up to a wide range of ethical and political questions: who speaks? in what form? to whom? on behalf of whom? who listens? who has authorship and who is paid? The conference will bring together practitioners active in the fields of music, sound, visual art, radio, theory, and activism in order to debate and carve out sound’s stake in the political.

In addition to the symposium, three days of workshops will accompany the event, even as a reading and watching room, a reader and an open forum where students and other participants can present their own work and get feedback.


Line-up: Bill Dietz, Tarek Atoui, James Saunders, Tim Parkinson, Carolyn Chen, David Helbich, Edyta Jarzab, Anna Raimondo, Jaume Ferrete, Brandon LaBelle, Care of Editions, Manuela Naveau, Frederic Leroy


Venues: Symposium on 26-27 February 2018 in KASK Miry Concert Hall (Ghent) / Workshops and Open Forum on 28 February & 1-3 March at Q-O2 and Ictus (Brussels).


Partners: Q-O2, Ictus, KASK & CONSERVATORIUM School of Arts Gent, an event in the framework of the European network Interfaces (


Language: English




Symposium DAY 1 (February 26, Ghent)

Topic: composition and performance

Bill Dietz (interactive composition) / Tarek Atoui (instrument building and playing with special groups) / James Saunders (group behaviours as music)

Topic: networks and institutions

Care Of Editions (distribution) / Manuela Naveau (internet-based practices) / Frederic Leroy (participative art and arts institutions)


Symposium DAY 2 (February 27, Ghent)

Topic: the public and the social

Carolyn Chen (cultural and social listening) / David Helbich (public space, flexible interactive collaboration) / Brandon LaBelle (dirty-ear project, shared space and dialogue in artists practice)

Topic: activism and politics

Edyta Jarzab / Anna Raimondo (radio and dialogue in shared spaces) / Jaume Ferrete

Evening program

“Time with people” by Tim Parkinson & screening of “The 17: Imagine waking up tomorrow and all music disappeared” by Bill Drummond




Workshops (February 28 & March 1-3, Brussels)

Sessions by a.o. Bill Dietz, David Helbich, Manuela Naveau, Anna Raimondo, Carolyn Chen, Tim Parkinson. More details and schedules to be announced soon!



Klaus Janek & Milena Kipfmüller 23/03/2017
Meryem Bayram 23/02/2017
Polyphrenic Creatures & Caroline Profanter 08/07/2017

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