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The fish within – voice workshop with Johanna Peine
30/01/2021 - 31/01/2021

The fish within

Oceanographies Workshop #1


How much of jellyfish, fish or amphibian is still present in the human body and voice? In this workshop we try to get to the bottom of this question by exploring the movements of early phylo – and ontogenesis in connection with the sound of our voice. According to the phoniatrist J.Abitbol, the human larynx developed from the gills of fish. Likewise, our ears were already present in fish. So what distinguishes marine mammals like whales from other fish? Why can they sing ?

In a journey through the evolution of the voice, we will encounter these phenomena and questions in a practical way and at the same time unfold the potential of the voice.


No prior knowledge requested.

The workshop is held in two sessions, 4. April 15h to 19h, and 5. April 10h to 14h. It is possible to attend only one session, but we give priority to people who want to do both.

One session 20€, both sessions 30€. Registration:



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