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post-residency concert
Margarida Garcia, Ruth Barberan
05/05/2012 - 19:00

Margarida Garcia and Ruth Barberan have been collaborating as a duo since 2002. At the time, both were living in Barcelona they played at Gracia Territori Sonor, Musica Libre in Madrid, ZDB in Lisbon, in Opava and Prague, Czech Rpublic. Margarida and Ruth (together with Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Ferran Fages) form the group Octante. The quartet has produced two records, Octante and Lunula and played at the consagrated Music Lovers Field Companion in Newcastle, 2007. As a celebration of a 10 year continuous journey, the duo accepted Q-O2’s invitation to continue their work and record during this 10-day residency.

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