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Eliane Radigue: Naldjorlak I, II, III – displaced sounds
20/10/2009 - 20:30

After more than 30 years of infinitely discrete electronic music, Eliane Radigue abandoned her cherished Arp 2500 synthesizer to devote herself entirely to acoustic composition. Monumental in length (2h30) but delicate due to the acoustic treatment of the pulsing and murmuring sounds, Naldjorlak was conceived as a trilogy with incredibly subtle harmonics, sub-tones and partials interacting continuously. The piece was elaborated in close collaboration with three virtuoso musicians: cellist Charles Curtis and basset horn players Carol Robinson and Bruno Martinez. The suspension of time, the dialog with eternity, the proximity to silence, an appeal to contemplation, and exceptional concentration… all that has characterized Eliane Radigue’s music since 1970, is now more relevant than ever. But, Naldjorlak takes her even further on her musical journey, because with these three performers, she has found the ideal means of coming ever closer to the “impalpable chimerical” music of her dreams. (Maxime Guitton)

A collaboration with KRAAK and STUK in the context of Displaced SoundsTickets: T 016/320 320 | |

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