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31/05/2021 - 06/06/2021
Sébastien Roux
Sébastien Roux (born 1977) writes electronic music, and presents it in diverse formats, from CD’s and records, to public listening sessions, sound installations, sound walks, and radio pieces. He experiments with listening conditions, with the concept of soundscape, and with composition using formal constraints. In 2011 he began to develop an approach focused on principles of translation, analyzing the structures of pre-existing art works (visual, musical, literary) and transposing them into musical scores for new works. This process has led to the creation of: “Quatuor” (2011) and “Nouvelle” (2012). The most recent development out of this process of translation is “Inevitable Music” a long-term examination and development of a methodology for applying the rules and means of the wall drawings of Sol Lewitt to sonic ends. Along with his solo works Roux maintains significant collaborations. He frequently works with writer Célia Houdart and set designer Olivier Vadrot on transdisciplinary and in-situ projects. He has created the sound environment for choreographic works by DD Dorvillier, Sylvain Prunenec and Rémy Héritier.
Nichola Scrutton - Improvisations/Sounding the Space 1
Maria Komarova 17/10/20
Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle 17/10/20

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