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Animated matter – Michal Kindernay, Veronika Svobodová, Maria Komarova, Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle
17/10/2020 - 20h30 (doors 20h)

Exploration of physical qualities of both material and space, as important structures for an artwork, often brings to it a strong visual aspect, that may be contained in a presence of a sculptural element. The event will be focused on the materiality and its impact in the context of sound based installations and performances.


Animating of matters is a collaboration of Q-O2 and Overtoon – Brussel’s based platforms and work-spaces for sound art production. During the day Overtoon will have Open Studios with presented works[-in-progress] and talks by such artists as Christoph De Boeck, Aernoudt Jacobs, Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle and others residents. The evening will continue with the concert in Q-O2 with the participation of Veronika Svobodova, Michal Kindernay, Maria, Komarova and Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle.


Michal Kindernay is an artist, curator and performer. His audio visual installations connect the areas and tools of art, technologies and science. He often brings about the topic of ecology and through the application of the technological attitudes to nature he reflects the environmental issues. His works involve video-performances, documental and interactive installations, intermediate and documentary projects as well as the musical compositions. He has been exhibiting internationally. He is one of the founders of the artistic non-profitable organization yo-yo, the initiator of the project RurArtmap. Kindernay was one of the members of the team of Školská 28 in Prague. Nowadays he works as a curator of the residential programme in the Agosto foundation. He acts as an external educator in the Centre of Audio visual Studies at FAMU in Prague and at Prague College.


Veronika Svobodová is an artist, musician and scenographer. Her approach to work with the sound reveals her closeness to theatrical stage design. In his work he connects space, time, and situations. Her work includes the creation of residential theater or performances moving between the theater and visual arts. It is often a direct response to unique architectural spaces, a form dependent on a particular place, atmosphere or history.–1


Maria Komarova is a Belarusian artist, who works in the field of postdramatic theatre, sound and visual arts. Most of her works are characterized by using of usual things in unusual contexts with an attempt to change the view/listen-point to the daily life. Everyday aesthetics plays an important role in Maria’s artistic approach. She is getting inspiration in daily events and objects from public and private space. The perception and experience of objects from both points of view of a spectator and a consumer afterwards find a reflection in Maria’s art works. Maria is one of co-founders of an International Festival of Performative Art in Minsk (Belarus) Performensk, diy theatre group PYL and experimental sound duo kaine anung.


Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle is a french artist based in Brussels. A part of her artistic practice comes from a desire to reflect on the transmission and safeguarding of memories. It is an open investigation at the crossroads of a sound and sculptural practice. She creates installations that question the viewer’s perception mechanisms. She tries to appeal to memories through narratives established between the objects that she used and the sounds that she broadcasts through them. Each sculpture / object is thought for its acoustic quality and its physicality in space. This physicality allows her to question the
exhibition space as well as the stroll through it. Field recording is the best way for her to archive her present. She captures a lot of sounds and uses them for her music and installations. These field recordings allow her to capture situations, decontextualize them and reintroduce them into new contexts in order to create new situations. These installations constantly juggle between sounds and objects and together have a capacity to recreate new memories. They become representations of the field of hearing,
extensions of the human body, they often guide a posture of listening to the viewer. In some cases, these are appendages for listening that amplify and modify our perceptions.

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