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in residentie
01/05/2020 - 24/05/2020

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Engels.

During my residency at Q-O2 I pursue to explore how sound can be conceived as a substance that renders itself into an inner experience of the subject. 
For this purpose, I will work with Super8 found footage filmed in Brussels during the ´60 and ´70 that features apparently “silent” images related to auditory scenes. In a context where the self assimilates the outer world in terms of image, I would like to open up a question around listening as a broad realm for resetting boundaries between the visual and the sonic by visualizing sound-images.

These auditory scenes of relative silence don’t give a sense of emptiness but shake up forces that emancipate sound from an obsolete and obvious material conception. Therefore, the perception of listening is presented as a containing of mediums, objects, and subjects, rather than a constant move in-between them. 

My particular interest resides in thinking about the “absence” of sound, as a virus or seed, that brings to the fore possibilities of negative perception. By this, I mean to peel off or unstick a segment of an underlying flow composed by the virtual plus the real: a side B of experience happening all the time but not perceived actively, since to do so by positive terms would be to perceive the whole and that´s only possible as an idea (that also renders itself as negative perception – an operation of subtraction).

With this framework in mind, I will record some sounds in the city that would act as complements for some passages of the work, and figure how operations of sound adding and subtraction finally complete or strain this process of reference and counter-reference, leaving space for a rarefied event.

Tucuxi (Mika Oki & Irwin Barbé) 12/3/20
Future Perfect (Julia Dyck & Amanda Harvey) 4/3/20
Diana Duta 4/3/20

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