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laboratoire de musique expérimentale et d’art sonore
02/05/2023 - 04/06/2023

My project intends to communicate incomprehensibility and sensorial-corporeal dimension of trauma, particularly collective and intergenerational trauma tied to turbulent socio-political history. In so doing, I plan to build on (im)materiality of sensory-atmospheric media, sound in the context of Q-O2 residency, for an ecology that sits outside homogeneous space/time and the Western-oriented habitual forms of listening tied to cognition and logic. To this end, I have been collecting my affective markers (breathing patterns and biological signals) during exposure to audiovisual feed of such traumatic events that I am personally tied to as a way to tap into the affordances of the affective residue to carry over the ineffability of trauma. These markers will then be sonified (using sonification in its loose and not direct sense) to excavate and reconstruct textures from affective intensities of traumatic experiences towards activating audience’s precognitive registers leading to an embodied understanding of such experiences. During the residency I will further work on the research component of the project while developing an experimental prototype through variations and studies based on my affective markers library.

David Helbich - Live - 9/12/22 (Excerpt)
Aymeric De Tapol - Encore une etude de flute
Pom Bouvier b. & Marjolijn Dijkman

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