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Finding Song Home – Kaffe Matthews and the Bicrophonic Research Institute
Finding Song Home is a sonic bike opera made for Brussels by Kaffe Matthews and the Bicrophonic Research Institute (BRI). The Sonic Bikes stay available in Brussels. It is a work that explores the injustices of birthright and the power of nations governments to enable or prevent the free movement of its citizens. Through meeting […]
Oto date – Akio Suzuki
Oto-date by Akio Suzuki is an ongoing project created in the frame of Tuned City Brussels in June 2013. It is a sound walk which can be done individually any time, by means of a map which leads to the ‘listening points’ (translation for oto date) Akio Suzuki has chosen. Please download the map and […]
In our library you can find relevant books¬†on music, sound, art, art critique, feminism and Brussels, a collection of sheet music and cd’s. Besides the recordings of our past events are available. They are consultable by appointment. Full book list here.¬†Library pdf. Too many cd’s to put them in a list…
Eleonora Vittoria Polato & Jonathan Frigeri 27/09/2016
Razen 14/10/2016
Two Envelopes 27/01/2017

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