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26/11/2018 - 16/12/2018

This residency will focus on one of YoungEun Kim’s latest interests regarding standard pitch. She will take a look at various attempts made by different cultural areas to establish and standardize the system of the non-material world of sound from the Middle Ages to the Modern Times. During this residency, she will research standard pitch A (440 Hz) and histories around it as one of those examples. Europe spent quite an extended period of adaptation to determine the standard pitch A (440 Hz) of the orchestra. It is known that the A note was widely used in the frequency ranging from 392 to 466 Hz during the period between the 16th century and early 18th century. Händel and Mozart set their own standard pitch at 422.5 Hz and 421.6 Hz, respectively, and tuned the instruments accordingly. France determined the standard pitch at 435 Hz in 1858 and changed it back to 440 Hz through the international conference around the time of World War II. The A pitch of a regular family piano continued to rise gradually to be set at 442 Hz nowadays. A steady rise of the standard pitch is said to be attributed to the competition among instrument makers to produce brighter sounds. The artist will research to reach out to more in-depth stories in it.

In collaboration with:

Alice Pamuk 8/2018
Olli Aarni 28/9/2018
Native Instrument 28/9/2018

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