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Seoul Express
28/05/2018 - 26/06/2018

Seoul Express is an artist duo. Minki Hong and Youjin Jeon are collaborating since 2015. They create an integrated image by combining various media like sound, music, moving image, movement, physical materials and engaging with new media technologies.


Minki Hong studied film making and worked as a producer of numerous films and documentaries. Youjin Jeon is a sound artist and studied computer science and computer music. She started her career as an electric guitar player and film music composer. She wrote music for films, TV drama and commercials in Korea. Since 2011 they have expanded their artistic practices into contemporary art by presenting installations and experimental performances.

In this residency, they explore the possibility of the use of Wi-Fi signal as a medium of expression. In spite of its inaudible quality, it can be seen as a time-based waveform fluctuating with its strength. By controlling multiple Wi-Fi signals, they attempt to compose music that can be performed by inaudible materials.

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