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post-residency performance
Simon Labbé / Elizabeth Dobson
28/06/2019 - 20:30 - free

Elizabeth Dobson

During my time at Q-O2 I have been exploring a range of cultural, technical and conceptual resources, and drawing on a range of influences including Oliveros, Westerkamp, Reich (because I adore transparency of process), and Barbierri. This presentation will include excerpts from the new piece that is emerging. It combines field recording, acousmatic composition, modular synthesis and live performance (violin), however one of my main ambitions for this project has been to explore violin controlled synth performance. I will include a brief performance and demonstration of the equipment. 


Simon Labbé

What are the main active elements in the production of social spaces in the city today? 
Where do we get together, how and why?

This performance will entail a collective reflection around the fundamental notions of inhabiting and value with a particular focus on space.  The initial proposition is that various forms of speculation are the most determinant agents in the creation of the spaces we live through. They impact not only the circulation of money, but also the potential for our radical imaginary to think something different.

With that in mind, what forms of speculation could we potentially invest in as tools to deconstruct what is alien to the commons we want to be sharing?
How can we, through a composition practice involving scoring and a momentary residence in the Q-O2 space, open up a space for a new form of value and its circulation?
What can our thinking and making with/within the space of music help us imagine in terms of sustainable engagements with spaces of autonomy?

This is an attempt at tackling the current capture and exhaustion of space through collectivized compositional thinking.


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