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promenade + concerten ‘Amber’ en ‘Sound like water’
14/10/2006 - 15/10/2006

At the kind invitation of Yves Poliart of les Halles de Schaarbeek, the following artists will be occupying side corridors and other backstage areas of les Halles de Schaarbeek between 13 and 15 October 2006:<BR>
Julia Eckhardt, Antoine Beuger, Christine Gregor, Trevor Richard Wells, Ludo Engels, Julie Morel, Christelle Fillod, Els van Riel, Jo Huybrechts. With installations, visual art and sound performances, they will be exploring, and unlocking, the most accessible corners of Les Halles de Schaerbeek in a way that space and art can influence, accentuate, contradict or reinforce each other.<BR>
Each evening will end with a concert: on 14/10 ‘Sound like water’ will be brought by Lucio Capece, Burkhard Beins, Rhodri Davies and Toshi Nakamura and on 15/10, the audience will be treated to ‘Amber’ (Robin Hayward, Lucio Capece, and Rhodri Davies).

14 october 2006: 18.30-20.30: promenade, 20.30 concert: ‘Sound Like Water’ with Lucio Capece, Burkhard Beins, Rhodri Davies en Toshi Nakamura

15 october 2006: 18.30-20.30: promenade, 20.30 concert: amber with Lucio Capece, Rhodri Davies, Robin Hayward

Pom Bouvier b. & Marjolijn Dijkman
Juerg Frey - Circular Music - with Stan Maris, 
Florence Cats, 
Michaël|le Grébil Liberg, 
Yannick Guédon, Clara Lévy, D’incise, 16/9/22
Tomàs Cabado 22/9/22

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