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pali meursault, Lee Patterson & Frédéric Nogray
05/12/2017 - 17/12/2017

Working across various forms, including improvised music, field recording, film soundtrack and installation, Lee Patterson attempts to understand his surroundings through different ways of listening.

Characterised by revealing subliminal and barely audible sound materials within commonplace things, his unorthodox approach to generating sound has led to collaborations with a host of international artists and musicians. Recent CD releases include Egg Fry #2, Midhopestones, with Phil Minton, Michel Doneda, Louisa Martin and Rhodri Davies; Bouy with Paul Vogel and Phil Durrant, and Terrain with Graham Halliwell.
His premier solo disc, Seven Vignettes was released in May 2009.

Born in the east of England in 1971, he resides and works in Prestwich near Manchester.

Born in 1977, Pali Meursault lives in Paris. His electroacoustic and sound art research takes different shapes: compositions for records, radio works, installations or performances. Sound recording, microphonie and field-recording are central in his work, which has to do with Musique Concrète as well as field recording and the listening of the soundscape. For 10 years he has been taking his microphones out in urban environments, industrial places, on alpine glaciers, in the portuguese backcountry or in the Amazon forest. Involved in many collaborative projects, he is also a member of the art group Ici-Même (Grenoble) since 2003 and works regularly with the video artist Demis Hérenger or the performance project of Bonding Elastic Company/Manon Quérel. On the side of these activities, he is pursuing a theoretical research, writing on electroacoustic music, the sonic environment or radio. His articles have published in Opus, in Revue & Corrigée in France or in Esse in Canada, he has contributed online publications such as Syntone, Radiauteur or Owni. Since 2002, he runs the label Universinternational.

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