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post-residency presentation
Milena Kipfmüller & Klaus Janek
23/03/2017 - 18:00

Post-residency presentation of Milena Kipfmüller’s and Klaus Janek’s mobile performative workstation which they developed during their Q-O2 residency. Please bring your smartphone (if you have) and headphones to experience the public situation in which they perform live a radiophonic piece combining a text by the Lebanese author Etel Adnan with sounds of the streets. Everything is recorded, performed and processes live within the mobile situation reacting to the every day live happening around us and intervening during the performance.


The audience can tune in to our broadcasts with their mobile phones or normal radios and headphones. Please bring whatever you have, we’ll help out with the rest.


Meeting point is Q-O2, please don’t be late.


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