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01/11/2018 - 30/11/2018

During his residency Lukas De Clerck will work around the topic of whistling. Whistling is used in different communities as a tool for communicating It allows people to bridge great distances but also to communicate in secret. While being perceived as an ephemeral, playful melody Whistling functions in this moment as a very approachable, powerful force to pass information (talking, warning, ordering…). Another opposition is that by whistling we will be very present in the space we’ll play in, yet won’t necessarily perceived as musicians, performers, … These techniques will be used to create whistling interventions in the public space of Brussels as a result of workshops given throughout the whole month.


Participate in the whistling group with Lukas De Clerck (free participation) and read more about the call We Are Trying To Have A Conversation.


Pom Bouvier b. & Marjolijn Dijkman
Juerg Frey - Circular Music - with Stan Maris, 
Florence Cats, 
Michaël|le Grébil Liberg, 
Yannick Guédon, Clara Lévy, D’incise, 16/9/22
Tomàs Cabado 22/9/22

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