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07/04/2008 - 26/04/2008

The recent research of Kurt Du Tré is mainly oriented to transcriptions, both in the musical sense and in a multimedia environment. He has focused on the question of original authorship in the context of arrangements and transcriptions. When he is transcribing Du Tré respects the original concept, but with a feeling that “the artwork is an open source”. The natural reflex of transcription focusing on whether one can either claim something or not, is mainly due to the relationship he feels between ancient music practices and our interactive cyber culture of today, where authorship and copyright were/are relative concepts.

Anima Animus - un jour pour une nuit entre les deux 3/11/21
gladys garcia, Eleanor Ivory Weber, Diana Duta, Simon Andréani, 31/10/21
Sébastien Roux, Deborah Walker, Yannick Guédon, Cyprien Busolini - Les Disparitions - 5/6/21

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