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Krakatau / Leen Verheyen
02/03/2009 - 15/03/2009

Krakatau is a young music theatre collective, founded by theatre-maker Leen Verheyen, actress Joke Raes and visual artist Dries De Win. During their residence, they have been preparing the music theatre show Human Interest, together with musicians Marie Koop and Ephraim Cielen. This show is based on news facts from recent years, featuring young criminals who committed several murders, shooting randomly at their victims, as in the Colombine High School or in own country, Hans Van Themsche. On the basis of a similar, fictitious drama, Leen Verheyen go on a quest for the dramaturgical possibilities found in the music.

Pom Bouvier b. & Marjolijn Dijkman
Juerg Frey - Circular Music - with Stan Maris, 
Florence Cats, 
Michaël|le Grébil Liberg, 
Yannick Guédon, Clara Lévy, D’incise, 16/9/22
Tomàs Cabado 22/9/22

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