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workspace for experimental music and sound art
07/09/2007 - 22/09/2007

expo + concertDuring his residency Joachim Devillé will create an atmosphere of an ever temporary exhibition, trying to blend the figurative and the abstract into a whole where appearing, fading, disappearing & re-emerging will be connected to aspects of location & time, to travel and wandering.In this context he will also play with the collectief reFLEXible: Joachim Devillé (trumpet, flugelhorn), Thomas Olbrechts (altosaxophone), Stefan Prins (piano, objects, electronics), and collaborate with Silvia Platzer (cello) and Julia Eckhardt (viola).

Andrés Navarro 17.12.19
Gea Brown 12.12.19
La Nuée 11/10/19

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