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post-residency presentation
Gundega Graudiņa & Björn Jauss + Asher Lev
09/02/2019 - 20:00

Resident duo Gundega Graudina & Björn Jauss present Modulute. It is not only a project, but also an instrument. It combines DIY electro-acoustic instrument, DIY electronic circuits, Supercollider on Bela platform, Eurorack modular.


In 2017, Asher Lev created the performance Tube To Daughter Sea which concentrated on a resonant meaning, a meaning whose ‘sense’ is supposed to be found in resonance. Now, during his post production residency at QO2, Lev revisits the piece, recalling its past, feeling the present and imagining the future of Tube To Daughter Sea. For this informal presentation, he will perform and share some of his findings and collect observations and perspectives.



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