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Begüm Erciyas & Matthias Meppelink
27/07/2015 - 09/08/2015

In spring 2014, during a residency in Kyoto, Begüm Erciyas got increasingly interested in Karaoke as a form of putting one’s own voice into play. Due to her reservations to sing in front of others, she started booking Karaoke rooms on her own and started to question if the act of reading a script out loud while simultaneously listening to one’s own voice, could be made into a theatrical performance. Isn’t one’s own voice always inauthentic and uncanny? Could one’s own voice become the site of the event? Could one’s own voice become a spectacle, a fascination or a surprise? During this residency Begüm Erciyas works together with musician and light designer Matthias Meppelink.

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