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workspace for experimental music and sound art
01/09/2008 - 14/09/2008

Makes situational and site-specific space drawings. Making visible the essence of a space, creates new possibilities for the perception of this place. For the new q-o2-space she will create the work dpi, a videoprojection, lying over the ’real’ space. It will show a printing printer. Simple structures and scanned photos, are pushed overdimensionally over the architecture. The images become at the same time the notes for a sound piece.

Anima Animus - un jour pour une nuit entre les deux 3/11/21
gladys garcia, Eleanor Ivory Weber, Diana Duta, Simon Andréani, 31/10/21
Sébastien Roux, Deborah Walker, Yannick Guédon, Cyprien Busolini - Les Disparitions - 5/6/21

Q-O2 is supported by the Flemish Community, VGC and Creative Europe
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