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01/08/2017 - 31/08/2017

Anne, (b.1985 Charleroi) is currently living in Brussels. After her studies at l’IHECS she started working as production assistant for the Belgian National Radio show Ouï- Dire (La Première – RTBF), building up first hand experience in sound design and exploring related styles as well (field recording, sound art, radio art, radio drama, performance, experimental music).
During the years she has worked for several other sound-related projects, Sounds of écodays (eco-festival at Flagey), Monophonic (Festival international de création radiophonique), the radio shows Moniek to name a few.
She co-created Karaonomatopiek, a participative sound performance, performed in the Cinéma Galeries à Bruxelles and at Centre Pompidou (BPI) à Paris (2015). Today she is continuing to work at her own creations, where the use of voice is very often chosen as to start from a more intimate point before opening up to a larger frame.
Her work has been diffused in Belgium (La Première, Musiq3, Radio Panik, Radio Campus,…), as well as in Europe and beyond (réseau, Nova Rté Lyrics), ou lors d’évènements : Kinokophone (New-York), Süden Radio (Berlin / Radio Papesse), Flagey, Centre Culturel Le Brass (Bruxelles), Grand Prix Nova (Roumanie).

Eleonora Vittoria Polato & Jonathan Frigeri 27/09/2016
Razen 14/10/2016
Two Envelopes 27/01/2017

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