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Yannick Guédon

Yannick Guédon is a French born composer, singer and performance artist, currently living in Brussels. His work focuses on tiny variations of timbres, the inner pulsation sensations and subjective notions of time, silence and error. Moreover he pays particular attention to the place and context in which each musical situation is displayed.

In 2006 he wrote his first piece, pitulatif, for a solo voice. He followed it with ticdê (2007) a vocal trio, infimie (2007) for voice, electroacoustic, video and light, soupir (2009) and pause (2010) for clarinet, guitar, percussion, cello and voice. In 2011 he initiated the project a _ t e m p _ s , cycle of sound situations for voice, treble viola da gamba and field-recording, in which one or several guest artists may be invited. It generated

• a t _ e m p t _ in 2012, sound research on the absence of the artist previously in residence

• _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in2013,piececountinguntilthedateofthedaywithvoiceand electroacoustic,

• a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in2014,forvoicehiddeninthesoundofatreblevioladagamba hidden in a noisy environment.

For 2015, he is preparing a trio he will play with Radu Malfatti and Deborah Walker, and a piece commissionned by the dedalus ensemble.

He has also performed with the following musicians among others : Didier Aschour, Antoine Beuger, Jean- Christophe Camps, Mattieu Delaunay, Jürg Frey, Thierry Madiot, Michael Pisaro, Carole Rieussec, Patrice Soletti, Deborah Walker. As a performer, he has worked with Roland Hayrabedian's contemporary chamber choir, composers such as Rodolphe Bourotte, Pascale Criton and György Kurtag Jr ; and the choreographers Chazallon&Chaput, Philipp Gehmacher, Marcos Simoes&Lilia Mestre, and Rémy Héritier. Since 2002 he has been involved in many pieces and site specific performances created by the choreographer Laurent Pichaud.
Fantôms Orchestra 10/12/17
Felicity Mangan Buzz pollination 02/11/17
Junk & the Beast @ Smog 20/10/17

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