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05/12/2011 - 11/12/2011
Wouter Huis

Wouter Huis (Oosterbroek, 1974) is a Dutch visual artist who works in different media. Or rather: he places a medium (or mediator) in between what we see and how we see, directing the gaze towards things that normally do not fnd themselves in the centre of attention but that are always, unobtrusively there in the architecture that surrounds us: the corner of a room, the curb of a street or a covered heap of construction waste in a park. By doing so –scanning spaces and situations- he also places the focus on the medium as such.

Besides his current residency at the postgraduate program Transmedia in Brussels he is also working in the small Dutch town of Hoensbroek where he runs a project space called Greylight Projects.'
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