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Varinia Canto Vila

Varinia Canto Vila was born in Santiago de Chile in 1976.She graduated as dancer from Universidad de Chile and from P.A.R.T.S in 1999. Since then she has been living in Belgium. She worked for Damaged Goods / Meg Stuart in Highway 101, For Lilia Mestre in Unnoticed, for Rashid Ouramdane, Charlotte Van den Eynde and for Collect-It, a project initiated by Emil Hrvatin and Bojana Cvejic.She has created the Making of, a solo project supported by Dans in Kortrijk. Varinia also collaborated with video artist Kurt d’Haeseleer on the installation Another Dress Code.

Pom Bouvier Frictions 30/7/2019
Nichola Scrutton & noid 27/5/19
noid 27/5/19

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