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30/01/2020 - 20h - free
Mathieu Calleja
Raised in a musician’s family, he has always been in contact with the material of sound and he very quickly experimented with cassette recorders and all the instruments he had around him. He studied in various fields (classical piano, classical percussion, jazz drums, dante agostini, Royal Conservatory of The Hague) and eventually combine his first way of being into music (more experimental) with more common practices. For the moment he plays in the group Going (with Giovanni Di Domenico, Pak Yan Lau and Joao Lobo) with whom they have toured Europe and produced three albums. He is part of the Orange Moon trio with Hendrik Lassure and Manolo Cabras. He toured China with Giovanni Di Domenico, with their duo Kalimi, which allowed him to meet Akira Sakata. This meeting plus Manuel Mota gave the record “Jomon” released by Holidays Record in 2017.
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