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09/12/2009 - 20:30
Mario Del Nunzio

Mário Del Nunzio (°1983) lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Composes instrumental and electroacoustic music, and plays with free improvisation / non-written music groups. Also plays contemporary music for electric guitar, having premiered some pieces by fellow Brazilian composers. Has released two albums with electroacoustic pieces (along with works by the composers Henrique Iwao and Bernardo Barros), by the Russian netlabel Clinical Archives: the first, in 2008, called “Dance Music” (containing works originally intended for dance performances), and the second, in 2009, called “Música Eletrônica 2004”. Is one of the creators and directors of Ibrasotope, the only venue in São Paulo which maintains a series of regular concerts and events dedicated to experimental / contemporary music.
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