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30/01/2020 - 20h - free
Ine Claes
Ine was born in Brussels in 1984. She is an artist who creates dialogues between different art forms as movement, voice, sound, space and visual arts. Her research focusses on vocal composition/instant composition, the tranformation of daily movement and the demarcation of personal space. Her sound language is build from text, sound poetry, particular rhytmical phrasing, loop/repetition. In her work she seeks the arising of disorientation, for example by questioning which part of a text should be understandable and which not or by creating multiple layers through multitasking, combining sound, voice, movement and space.  After graduating from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Ine's interest in movement and visual arts brought her to collaborations in the fields of interventions in public space, shortmovie and performative installations with different visual artists as Liesbeth Marit, Jacques Urbanska, Tomas Israël, Koen Moerenhout and Sara Claes. Her interest in the world of the voice grew over the years and she became a voice autodidact. Ine 2012 she created the first work where she brought together voice, movement and public space, the duet Riptide with Aloun Marchal, created for Nuit Blanche Brussels 2012.
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