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Dejana Sekulic
Dejana, violinist, sound explorer and performer, was born on 43°18'58.5"N 21°54'39.5"E. After obtaining her Bachelor Violin performance and teaching degree at the Faculty of Art at the University of Niš (with Petrovic-Markovic and Aleksic), Masters and Postgraduate music, violin performance degree at the Royal Conservatory Brussels (with Oistrakh and Bouckaert) and advanced fellow program for contemporary music of the Ictus (Brussels) and Spectra (Gent) Ensembles at School of Arts Gent, she continues actively performing as soloist, as part of the "LAPS" ensemble, the Duo Momitani-Sekulic, and OHHe Supercluster. Currently, she is working on a research that explores thinking the future in the present as the past in the contemporary violin repertoire, “Temporality of the Impossible”, as a PhD research at the CeReNeM and ReCePP at the University of Huddersfield (UK). Her other artistic works include research in the filed of interactive sound installations. Dejana is also very passionate in sharing and acquiring knowledge, and is therefore as well actively engaged with teaching.
Pom Bouvier b. & Marjolijn Dijkman
Juerg Frey - Circular Music - with Stan Maris, 
Florence Cats, 
Michaël|le Grébil Liberg, 
Yannick Guédon, Clara Lévy, D’incise, 16/9/22
Tomàs Cabado 22/9/22

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